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Gallery Updated with 3,927 Captures

It’s been a busy two days for Louis following the release of Twisted Conversations. Check out the massive update in the gallery!

Gallery Links:

Videos for all of these, as well as those in my previous update, will be added to the video section tomorrow morning as well.

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Instagram Captures & Photos Added to Gallery

The gallery has been updated with the Instagram photos that Louis has added to his personal page over the last week, as well as captures from the videos he’s posted! Check them all out below.

Gallery Links:

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Updates to Video Vault, Press Archive and Image Gallery

There’s a big update to multiple parts of the site today, as I’ve finally added a few things that needed posting. The first is the gallery has been updated with Louis’s Instagram posts from the last few days, and the Video Vault has been updated with two videos he’s posted to Instagram. Additionally, Music Mayhem posted a wonderful new interview with Louis that’s been added to the press section. Check all the updates out by clicking the links below.

Gallery Updates:

Video Vault:

Press Archive: