Louis Knight
NAME: Louis Christian Knight-Surie
DATE OF BIRTH: October 10, 2000 (Libra)
HOMETOWN: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Louis’ official website reads…

Louis Knight is a British-born, Philadelphia-based pop singer-songwriter. With a writing style that reflects his raw emotion, Louis’ music unabashedly speaks plainly about his own deeply personal experiences about love, loss and hope.

Louis (pronounced “Louie”) knew early that he wanted to write and sing music. Coming from a family with roots in the music industry, he dedicated endless hours honing his craft and message – in between his schooling and delivering pizza to help fund his career. Louis’ early recordings were only shared with family and close friends.

His first official single was released in July 2019. “Just Kiss Me” became an instant Summer anthem that garnered significant praise from listeners. Following the release of the music video, Popdust stated, “This music video marks the beginning of an era for Knight.”

Louis released his first EP, titled “Small Victories,” which gained critical praise and validated his ability to connect with his audience.

From that EP, his song “Change” is regarded as his most influential song to-date. About “Change,” Philadelphia Weekly wrote, “[…] it’s a stunning example of Knight’s ability to translate his emotions and experiences into meaningful pop songs for the masses.”

Louis’ philanthropic efforts include partnering with The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to help carry the message of hope to those that continue to suffer.