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Video Vault Updated

The Video Vault has been updated with all of Louis’s videos (that I was able to track down, that is) from the last update until the present. In addition, you may notice the video vault has started to get a makeover, as each video will [eventually] have an actual screen grab from the video! There are still a few videos from the recent update that need stills, and I’ll be going back through the older videos as well to update them, but I’m pleased with how it’s looking so far.

2020 Videos:

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Instagram Video and Cameo Captures from August & September

The gallery has been updated with captures from Louis’s Instagram videos and Cameos from August and September! Check out the thumbnails and the links below. Captures from his missing interviews will likely be up tomorrow, and the Video Vault will be updated with every missing video I’ve tracked down on Monday.

Gallery Links:

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Louis Launches “Happiness Tour 2020” and Announces New Single

Louis will be embarking on a cross-country road trip by RV starting October 13, 2020, with stops all across the country and even some pop-up concerts. The plan is to hit small towns across America and support Louis’s fans and local businesses who could use our help right now and bring awareness to mental health. Of course, he’ll be practicing safety for all, but this will be a great chance to meet and hear Louis as he promotes his music. Stay tuned for more info!

Equally exciting is that Louis announced the release date for his next single on his Instagram page today! Save a Little Love will be released on October 9!


New Layout, and An Update on the Website

Hey, everyone! As you can tell, we have a stunning new layout that I’m absolutely in love with! I figured after being open for a little over four months, it was time for a new look. Credit for the awesome header above goes to Cherry Gem Design, with the credit for theme base going to Monica N Design! Currently, the main site, video vault and press archive have been properly fixed, and I’ll be getting the gallery updated to the new theme this evening.

I also wanted to get this post up so that I can give everyone a quick update on what’s going on with the site! I, unfortunately, had to say goodbye to my cat of fourteen years this month following his health declining in August, and that loss has been particularly hard on me. As such, I found it very hard to focus on anything for long periods of time, and that included updating my websites. While I’m aware this site has fallen behind on keeping the content up-to-date, I will be working hard over the next couple of weeks to get everything updated. Until then, I thank you for your patience!

EDIT: The image gallery has now been fully updated with the new layout as well.

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Gallery Updated With Social Media Photos & Captures

The gallery has been updated with screen captures from various videos over the past couple of weeks. Check them out by clicking the thumbnails below.

Gallery Links: