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‘American Idol’ Competitors Insist Their Rivalry is Really a “Bromance”
DATE: 21 March 2020
AUTHOR: Brent Furdyk

Francisco Martin and Louis Knight both wowed the judges with their “American Idol” auditions, and after earning their golden tickets they made their debut on the show’s stage for Hollywood Week.

While the judges saw both performers going far this seasons, they also predicted the two would become rivals.

After a pre-taped package featuring Knight and Martin bonding, the two hit the stage for a duet performance.

“I love it,” said judge Lionel Richie of the singers duetting. “Now we can see what they really are like under pressure singing with someone, sparring off of people.”

Why, asked Katy Perry, did they choose to be each other’s duet partners? “Basically, we heard some rumours going around that we were kind of being compared to each other, and that we were having this friendly rivalry brewing. We finally met and just really connected with each other,” said Knight, explaining that they decided it would be “a bold move” to team up.

“Yeah, you have a lot more than you don’t,” agreed Perry.

The duo then launched into a version of The Script’s “Breakeven,” trading off verses. During his, Martin forgets the words and pauses briefly, with Knight jumping in before Martin quickly joins back in, blending their voices together.

They ended the song with a hug as their families applauded in the audience.

“Louis, good job on not letting your friend hang out to dry,” said Perry after the performance, giving Martin some advice on what to do if he ever experienced that again. “It happens to us all the time,” she admitted, adding, “Just don’t show defeat.”

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