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Social Media Update: 21 October – 24 October

The gallery and video vault have been updated with Louis’s social media updates from 21 October until yesterday, 24 October!

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October Videos Added to Video Vault

The Video Vault has been updated with all of the current videos from October, including a selection of Louis’s Instagram stories that I was able to screen record. You can view all of the October videos by clicking here. You’ll also notice that (most) of the videos are now hosted natively on the site; I’m excited to say that the same will be said for most of the videos there going forward, as well as the videos already posted there.

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Video Vault Updated

The Video Vault has been updated with all of Louis’s videos (that I was able to track down, that is) from the last update until the present. In addition, you may notice the video vault has started to get a makeover, as each video will [eventually] have an actual screen grab from the video! There are still a few videos from the recent update that need stills, and I’ll be going back through the older videos as well to update them, but I’m pleased with how it’s looking so far.

2020 Videos:

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Updates to Video Vault, Press Archive and Image Gallery

There’s a big update to multiple parts of the site today, as I’ve finally added a few things that needed posting. The first is the gallery has been updated with Louis’s Instagram posts from the last few days, and the Video Vault has been updated with two videos he’s posted to Instagram. Additionally, Music Mayhem posted a wonderful new interview with Louis that’s been added to the press section. Check all the updates out by clicking the links below.

Gallery Updates:

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The Conversationalist Speaks with Louis Knight

Louis spoke with The Conversationalist last evening for close to forty minutes about mental health, activism amidst the current Black Lives Matter protests, American Idol and his future! Check out the video on their Instagram or in the video vault. Additionally, I’ve added over 1800 captures from the video to the gallery.