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It’s been a busy two days for Louis following the release of Twisted Conversations. Check out the massive update in the gallery!

Screencaps > 2020 > 5 July – Louis’s Instagram Post

Screencaps > 2020 > 6 July – Louis’s Instagram Story

Screencaps > 2020 > 6 July – Louis’ Instagram Post

creencaps > 2020 > 6 July – Interview with ABC6 Action News, WPVI-TV Philadelphia

Screencaps > 2020 > 6 July – Instagram Live

Screencaps > 2020 > 7 July – American Idol’s Instagram Live

Videos for all of these, as well as those in my previous update, will be added to the video section tomorrow morning as well.


There’s a big update to multiple parts of the site today, as I’ve finally added a few things that needed posting. The first is the gallery has been updated with Louis’s Instagram posts from the last few days, and the Video Vault has been updated with two videos he’s posted to Instagram. Additionally, Music Mayhem posted a wonderful new interview with Louis that’s been added to the press section. Check all the updates out by clicking the links below.

Gallery Updates:

Video Vault:

Press Archive:


Louis spoke with The Conversationalist last evening for close to forty minutes about mental health, activism amidst the current Black Lives Matter protests, American Idol and his future! Check out the video on their Instagram or in the video vault. Additionally, I’ve added over 1800 captures from the video to the gallery.


The gallery has been added up with 3,394 new photos! Nearly all of the additions are screen captures, but there are a few photos from a set Louis did back in February before Idol began. Check them all out below.


Louis was once again interviewed by Alicia Vitarelli of ABC6 Action News, WPVI-TV Philadelphia today to talk about delivering pizzas to front-line workers, as well as his time on American Idol. Though the WPVI-TV website hasn’t posted the video clip or the article yet, Alicia posted some photos of them interviewing Louis to her Instagram, which I’ve added to the gallery here.


A few new articles have been added to the press section of Louis Knight Fans5 Things to Know About Louis Knight (18 February); How did Pa.’s Louis Knight do in Hollywood week? (16 March); and American Idol’s Louis Knight delivers Narberth Pizza to CHOP (22 April).

The last article also had a video from the actual news broadcast showcasing Louis’ delivery, and featured an interview with him as well! I’ve added 52 screen captures from the segment to the gallery. You can check them out here.