January 04, 2021 -
One American Idol Finalist Almost Quit in the Middle of the Season
DATE: 24 May 2020
SOURCE: Cinema Blend
AUTHOR: Mick Joest

American Idol Season 18 had its ups and downs for all its contestants, with most going through highs and lows at various points in the season. The intensity of the competition in general is overwhelming and was almost enough to send finalist Louis Knight home early.

Long before the postponement and stay at home episodes, Louis Knight was doubting he was up to the challenge of American Idol. Knight talked to PennLive.com about his Season 18 run and how he almost packed his bags and went home before the end of Hollywood Week:

I was so sleep deprived. So that last day I woke up in basically a panic attack… I started packing my suitcase and said I couldn’t do it. I locked myself in my hotel room.I ended up going out and performing on a day when I thought I couldn’t. That’s a day I will remember for the rest of my life… It taught me so much about perseverance and what you’re truly capable of.

Knight was stressed because his roommate had been sent home the day prior, and he feared he could be next. It took a visit from his parents and some encouragement from the American Idol production crew, but Knight finally emerged and did his performance. The Idol contestant estimated he did the performance on four hours sleep over the course of 3 days, which almost certainly had to add to the stress of the competition.

Louis Knight ended up making the Top 40 that day and would continue on until he was finally eliminated in the Top 7. It’s quite a run and impressive that Louis Knight was able to stick with it so early in the competition. It paid off in the long run as Knight amassed some fans throughout the season, though found a staunch critic in Katy Perry along the way. Just before the finale vote, Perry praised fellow competitor Francisco Martin for doing something she noted Knight didn’t with her performance.

When the votes came down, Martin advanced to the finale, and Knight was eliminated. Even so, his music career is not over, and he has plans to continue his dream and release original music for his fans. Louis Knight said he received a lot of messages from viewers about the song he initially auditioned for “Change.” Knight wrote the song after losing a friend to suicide and has since said viewers have reached out to him talking about how the song helped them through tough times.

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